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Elaine Cole is a wonderfully talented artist. Her depiction of Vt. Landscapes, buildings, flowers, birds, etc. is unsurpassed. When Elaine painted a portrait of our farm, the details,color, and accuracy were amazing. She is by far one of the most amazing artists around!
— M. Perron 
I have known Elaine for seven years. When we first became friends, she showed me some of her early paintings. They were very good and her talent as an artist continues to grow! The barns and buildings she paints are among my favorites, as are her flowers she paints. I also like the birds and animals. The frames compliment her paintings and are handmade by her husband.
— Joanne
I’ve been fortunate to collect Elaine’s work for several years, and now my home is filled with her special artistic magic! Elaine’s straight forward paintings and drawings capture the rural beauty and dignity of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and other unspoiled places. When I’ve had too much hustle and bustle I just look at Elaine’s work, which reminds me that there are landscapes where simplicity and calm still exist.
— Joan
A Tribute to My Friend Elaine

I have known Elaine for many years, but it has only been recently that I became aware of her artistic ability and how she portrays the meaning and beauty of life in her paintings.

She depicts realism and shows emotion. She has an amazing technical skill and a creative imagination.

Elaine definitely has unlimited talent and expertise.

Through her paintings she gives us a glimpse into her world that leads to the creation of beautiful and timeless pieces of art.

As you look at her paintings you can’t help but be touched by them in your body, heart and soul.

Elaine’s paintings give one a deeper appreciation for the beauty and enrichment that art sows into our lives.

Elaine is incredibly talented and I am proud to call her my friend.
— Mary Jane
Thank you for the picture, it captures a moment which is what I think a painting should do. The title should be “end of the season” that moment when the leaves are at their best but about to fall. I notice the sharpness of the lines and the impressionistic leaves, reminds me of Claude Monet Autumn effect at Argenteuil.
— Fred

I wanted to thank you for putting your special talent to carefully paint a walking trail in New Zealand, where the enormous beech trees dwarfed a one small human (me, of course).  

Your painting captured even better than the photo the spirit of the place... that is, the place of man in the wilderness on this earth.... dwarfed by the enormity and complexity seen of both larger and smaller forms of life. Your painting had a resemblance to some Van Gogh paintings I have seen. You do have vision and talent in your paintings, and we will always value and enjoy this one.

I also want to mention the beautiful frame, with its two knot holes, and weathered and worn appearance, really a work of art in its own right. Sturdy, it will last forever.

Best wishes and much appreciation to you, and to Rod.
— Mark

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